22 August 2014

Wilson's first week at preschool.

Wilson had his first week at his preschool. It's been a huge adjustment, and we are all still adjusting. 

He is so social, and loves to play, but realizing that preschool isn't all fun and play, has been interesting for him. I think he's still figuring it all out. 

Andy was able to come home before he was done with preschool today, so we went together to pick him up. Wilson immediately ran over to him to give him a big hug. 

Andy was a little sad, that he wasn't able to see him off on his first day, but unfortunately, that's sometimes how it will go. 

They do breakfast and lunch, so that had been nice, but I worry about Wilson eating well. There were a couple times, I noticed that he looked like he hadn't eaten much, and was asking me for food when we got home. 

I've been trying to stress to him that it's important to eat at school. That he gets to eat with his friends at school, but I'm not sure if he's really understanding me. 

I don't want him to starve, so I've been giving him either a small sandwich, or a snack. 

Callie and I have been enjoying our one on one time. We went to a coffee shop together, and have been running errands together. She loves going to pick her brother up, and sometimes I have had a hard time getting her to leave. 

I think I will look into a part time thing for her next year, so maybe the transition into a full preschool isn't overwhelming. 

I wish I would've done it with Wilson, but he has been getting individual speech and back in Louisiana, pyschologist sessions, so he had something. 

I'm hopeful he will continue to love preschool, and learn a lot, and learn to love to learn! He made a craft and took a picture on his first day at school. 

Notice he said he liked "playing school" that really cracked me up. 

13 August 2014

Timehop, I can't even...

Ever since I installed Timehop onto my phone, on any given day, I will find myself about to start bawling when I see how fast time is going. 

You see what I mean?!?! Look at those precious, little, chubby faces!!!! 

I love checking it every day to see what shows up. To be reminded of some funny story, or something I shared, or pulling at my heart strings, seeing these little faces that I am tasked with caring for. 

These faces that at moments, won't stop crying, or screaming, or talking. These faces, that somedays I try to close the door on, so I can use the bathroom in peace. These faces, that drive me to the absolute brink of parenthood. Is there any other type of parenthood? 

But thank you timehop, for reminding me, for sharing my memories back to me, for showing me these little faces. 

02 August 2014

Playing catch up.

Just when we start to get back to normal, it's time to change it up! 

Andy gets to go to "school" for a couple weeks.  I keep calling it a vacation for him, because he gets to get away from some of his responsibilities for a little while. 

Part of me is jealous, and annoyed, but it's part of the life he signed up for, so mostly it's just acceptance. 

Wilson's preschool is right around the corner, and I'm so excited for him! I'm excited for him to learn, and grow, and experience a new upcoming chapter in all our lives. 

Preschool is like the very beginning of what school life is about to be like for us. 

Poor Callie is already saying she wants to go to school, but because of where her birthday falls on, she's going to have to wait an extra year. 

So wish me luck for these next couple weeks! And if you are feeling extra generous, I'd love some chocolate! 

26 July 2014

Vacation to Indiana.

My in laws are celebrating some big milestones this year. Collectively, as a family, we had one goal, to try to get all of us together to celebrate those milestones, and a chance to be all together as a family. 
The last time that we have all been together was back in September 2010. 
My brother and sister in law hadn't even met Callie in person yet! So this vacation was much needed for all of us to get together and celebrate our parents, and new family members who have yet to make an entrance. (Both my sister in laws are pregnant!) 

The drive up went SO much better than our trip back to Indiana, last January. Callie was far less fussy this time. Besides having two year old temper tantrums over wanting water and not juice, or "Wilson's foot is touching me." The drive was far far easier this time. 
We stopped for the night both times, and that also helped out tremendously. I somehow got out of having to drive at all. (Muahah!) 

I didn't pack very well though. Wilson barely had any clothes to change in and out of. I blame it on our fridge breaking the night before we left. We had to toss everything in our fridge out. 

I wouldn't have minded just the fridge, but the freezer also broke, so I had to throw away stuff I wasn't planning on having to toss out. 

Rawr. So I was a little side tracked, and forgot to pack Wilson more clothes. 

Now that we are back, I've got the fun task of trying to restock everything. 

We also had to try to leave the house as clean as possible, because once you get back, it's like a tornado hit. Our house seems so cluttered! The heat and humidity is zapping my energy, and I'm in the postpartum vacation blues. 

So it's back to life in Florida for us. A lot of little things are coming up, like preschool for Wilson, Andy sewing on Staff Sergeant, and hopefully more beach days for the Kirks! 

15 June 2014

Henderson Beach State Park

Today was Father's Day, and we spent it where else? At the beach! 

The water was a bit rough, but it was yellow flags so it wasn't too bad. 

Nice and hot outside, the water felt great getting to cool off in. 

If only I could somehow get rid of all the sand that we seem to bring home with us. 

I got the kids to cheese for me a little. Gosh, they are cute! 

Henderson is one our favorite parks, because we hate dealing with traffic, it's pretty close to us, we don't have to worry about finding parking, and it seems to be just a nice spot in general. 

I can't wait to get to explore other areas in Florida, though! Hopefully we get a chance to go sometime soon and I can blog about more fun stuff! 

13 June 2014

My first time...

In my 30 years of life, I have never mowed a yard. It was something that just never happened. 

Andy and I aren't super big yard-work people. I like seeing nice yards, but we have always maintained as little as possible. 

Especially living on base where they did our yard work for us. Well, at first they did. Then they told us to take care of our own flower beds. No thanks!  We tried to keep up on weeding and trimming. 

Moving off base, renting a house, we knew we would need to do a little more. No one is coming to mow our yard here. 

So we invested in our first actual lawnmower. We had a push one that we didn't like. 

I did a little research, and thought an electric lawn mower would be a good fit for us. We wouldn't have to worry about gas and oil. We don't need a riding lawn mower. So we bought the electric one. 

We originally got a Black and Decker, but when it got delivered, it must've some how cracked while in transit. So we had to load it up and take it back. 

Andy did all this by himself. So he gets there and the lady tells him that his model is discontinued, so he had to get a different model, but apparently it was nicer than the one we were originally going to get. 

I didn't do before pictures, because I basically did this on a whim. 

Callie was asleep on the couch, and Wilson was doing quiet time. 

I'll be honest. I was too lazy to rake. We have constant leaf raking to do. And I was just like, "Eff that. I'll just mow over that shit." 

We got two batteries and I was able to use both to mow the front and back. I had a decent charge on both. I could've kept mowing in the front to mulch the leaves more, but the Mosquitos were attacking, so I figured it looked okay. 

It looked better than it did anyways. And now I can say I have mowed a yard! 

11 June 2014

Wilson is 4 now

Wilson's stats for 4 year is pretty much where he has been his whole life.

At 4 years:
your child is 34 pounds, and that is
at the 32nd percentile for weight.
your child is 40 inches, and that is
at the 41st percentile for height.

He's pretty much always been in that that 30-40% range. The funny thing is a lot of his friends who are boys, were always in the 90th percentile, so he looked like such a munchkin compared to them.

I'm glad he's where he is at, because it is SO hard getting him to eat, and eat well. He's constantly on the move and wanting to play and just not sit still. He loves to drink, almost too much, and I think sometimes it keeps him from eating as much. 

He's having a hard time fitting 4t bottoms, some fit well and others practically fall off. I'm sure by the time he turns 4 they will all be fitting nicely. He's wearing size 9 shoes, so I don't know if they are small or not, but I think he'll be in 10s soon.

He seems to be very excited about school. We took him once, and he wanted to bring his backpack, and was running around, super excited. So I think after the initial period of adjusting, he is going to like going. (I HOPE!) No separation anxiety with that kid! 

He has taken to stealing my phone and calling his Grammie. I think it's because I have a picture next to her name, so he sees and recognizes it. As far as I know, he hasn't called anyone else. 

He is still delayed in his speech, when he talks, sometimes you can understand him, and other times, he gets too excited and starts jabbering. I'm hoping that with continued speech therapy and school in the fall, he will catch up with that. 

His favorite movies right now are Nausicaa and all the Toy Story movies. He really likes watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but I don't let him watch that very often. I try to have him watch the Leap Frog shows, and Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies, Fireman Sam, and Thomas the Train. 

He's constantly getting into everything. He knows how to unscrew everything and I constantly have to go in the bathroom and make sure he's not getting into my makeup. 

He loves to catch bugs, and loves the lizards outside. He also is not afraid to smash bugs for me, like spiders. ICK. 

I thought he was doing better with tantrums, but he still has them every now and then. 

He loves to play, and never wants to stop. One of his favorite sayings is, "No, it's not time to go home!" 

He's a great kid, I'm lucky to be his mom.